OPTIMIZATION - the benefit of dedicated specialists 

The hydraulics of collection systems are highly complex. Extensive optimization experience is vital to ensure that improvement alternatives are evaluated effectively.

• Our team’s experience specializing in life-cycle cost optimization on a wide range of collection systems in the US, Australia, and New Zealand will provide confidence that the condition of existing assets and the ongoing costs of future assets are properly accounted.

• Like all aspects of engineering, the value of optimization technology depends on sound engineering judgment – we pride ourselves in this regard and enjoy working with our customers to develop highly innovative and effective engineering solutions.

Our team has vast experience in optimization of collection system CIPs (capital improvement programs) using the advanced genetic algorithm optimization technology, Optimizer, a product of Optimatics. Our team was fundamental in the development of this software and has delivered the vast majority of all collection system optimization projects completed.

When it comes to optimizing water and wastewater capital programs, there is no software that rivals the power and sophistication of Optimizer, and there is no engineering team that rivals the experience and specialized skill set of WaterPlans.

COLLECTION systems CIP optimization