Water System Modeling applications include: 

  • Distribution system master planning 

  • Development of CIP for future planning horizons 

  • Initial Distribution System Evaluation (IDSE) as is required as part of EPA Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBPR)

  • Evaluate alternatives to improve water quality

  • Modify pumping and tank filling/emptying cyles

  • Assist with pipe, pump, and valve placement and sizing

  • Development of control rules and improvements to reach energy minimization

  • Fire flow evaluation

  • Vulnerability analysis

Some of the services that WaterPlans Inc is proud to offer are:

  • Infrastructure inventory coordination and GIS database management

  • Demand data analysis

  • Model construction

  • Model calibration

  • System evaluation

  • Water quality modeling

water system modeling applications


A calibrated, updated model that represents your transmission and distribution system, if used effectively, is a powerful tool, not only to understand the hydraulics involved in day-to-day operations but to project the needs of the system into the future

Our expertise covers all the stages of master planning, from inventory validation to model calibration and the development of CIP improvements.

Here is a list of the software we have used in the past:
  • InfoWater
  • H20Water
  • WaterCAD
  • WaterGEMS
  • MikeUrban
  • EPANet

WATER systems hydraulic MODELING